Directors: Takanori Fukushima, M.D., Luc DeWaele, M.D., Luciano Mastronardi, M.D., Ali Zomorodi, M.D., Lori Radcliffe

Advanced Skull Base Microanatomy &
Hands-on Dissection Workshop

The hands-on course and lectures are organized and supported by INERF (International Neurosurgery Education Research Foundation)

These hands-on courses are designed for neurosurgeons interested in learning microanatomy, skull base surgical approaches and advanced micro-dissection techniques. The intensive, hands-on microdissection course with lectures, video tapes and color illustrated text will provide each participant with the very valuable opportunity to practice the various surgical skull base approaches.

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At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to:

Have a clear knowledge of the surgical anatomy relevant to orbitozygomatic, cavernous sinus, middle cranial fossa, transmastoid, jugular foramen and transpetrosal skull base approaches.

Perform various skull base approaches and microsurgical dissections with refined skull base instrumentation.

Apply these advanced skull base techniques to clinical cases with various cranial base lesions.

Temporal Bone Course Features

One day condensed teaching of microanatomy of the mastoid and middle fossa, including retrolabyrinthine and translabyrinthine approach.

Nine dissection tables with temporal bone specimens and micro instrumentation.

Whole Head Skull Base Dissection Features

Three-day intensive dissection practice with specially prepared whole head specimens

Professionally injected arteries and veins in specimens

Twenty dissection tables with high resolution inclinable microscopes

High performance drills

Skull base instruments

Dissection Course Sample Outline   

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Dr. Fukushima's New Atlas for contemporary
Skull Base Surgery
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